Do you know 3 best institutes in the world

Hello friends, today we will talk about which institute is the best, if you are also searching for a best institute then you have come to the right place.

Do you know 3 best institutes in the world

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1.Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT):-

MIT will also not host or sponsor any in-person K-12 student programming through the summer of 2020. Instead, efforts are being made to ensure students and their families can learn everything they need to about campus through some kind of online delivery system.

“Mind and Hand” is the thought-provoking motto of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, known also as MIT. This motto enigmatically encapsulates this famous institution’s mission to advance knowledge in science, technology and areas of scholarship that can help to make the world a better place.

2.University of Oxford:-

As UK schools have largely closed and exams will no longer be taking place, the University of Oxford is awaiting further information from the government on how qualifications (i.e. A-Levels) will be awarded. More information for both domestic and international offer-holders will be made available as soon as possible.

Graduate applications are still being processed by the university – an online form has been provided on the university website for any queries. If you need to take an English-language test, the university currently has a deadline of the UK summer. If test centers around the world do not reopen in time, the university will provide further guidance on how to proceed.

3. Stanford University :-

The Stanford Office of Undergraduate Admission has been closed until further notice. Applications continue to be processed, however, and the office can be contacted via email. All tours, programs and information sessions for prospective students have been cancelled and the Visitor Center is also closed until further notice.

Located 35 miles south of San Francisco and 20 miles north of San Jose, Stanford University is in the heart of Northern California’s dynamic Silicon Valley, home to Yahoo, Google, Hewlett-Packard, and many other cutting-edge tech companies that were founded by and continue to be led by Stanford alumni and faculty.




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