How to earn money by making mobile app

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Internet is the first choice of the world today, because nowadays most of the work is being done through the Internet. Many such apps are being created by people from time to time, due to which most of the work of the people is done through their mobile phones. Such as shopping from Flipkart and Amazon app, ordering food from Zomato or Swiggy app, paying bill from Paytm or PhonePe app or recharging mobile, booking taxi through Uber and Ola app, listening to news wherever you go. If yes, there are many other such things like Dailyhunt etc., which people can do very easily through the app present on the mobile. The people making this app are earning crores today. If you also want to earn money by making similar apps, then this article of ours will help you.

How to earn money from app

Before making an app, you should know how to earn from the app. It is very important for you to know that earning money through the app is done through the advertising network. All the developers who make Android apps, after creating their Android app, they sign themselves up in the ad provider company. From there they get an app code, they add that code to the Android app they made. Then advertising shows start happening in their Android app. And with this the earning of app developers also starts. The more people click on that ad, the more benefit they get. In this way people making Android apps earn money.

Android app creation process

You know how to earn money from Android app, now let’s see how you will make an app. Before this, you should know that making an app is not a very complicated task, you can easily make it, and earn. In today’s time, there are many such online platforms in the Internet, from which it has become very easy to build Android apps. We are giving you this information here below.
Using any of these platforms, you can very easily build your own Android app. For this, you only have to go to the website of one of these platforms and sign in. And after that you can start making your Android app. After this you will start earning money on the internet.

Get help from app developers
If you do not want to do this work yourself, then there is another option for you, if you want, you can also get the app built for yourself by hiring professional app developers. Whatever design app you want, they will make and give you exactly the same design. You will find the app developer’s information by searching the name and address of the app developer near you in the search bar on any browser. You can contact them and get the app designed as per your requirement.

But let us tell you that in return, app developers can charge you some money. Yes, they can charge you at least 1500 to 4500 rupees, although it will depend on the quality and design of your app.

What to do after app is designed

As we have told you earlier that you earn money from the app through advertising. For this, you have to contact the AIDS provider companies, now it comes to how this company will know. So let us tell you that many such ad provider company names will be available to you in the internet. You have to sign up by going to the website of the most popular company among them. And after that the ad code that will be given to you will have to be placed in your Android app. After this the ads will start coming in your app. We are here to show you the names of the best ad provider companies.

youtube aids
Facebook Audience Network
You can sign up with any one of these ad provider companies. But let us tell you that it would be better if you choose the option of Admob company because it is a Google platform. And Google is the largest company in the world. Any of its products or platforms are completely original and safe. Even most people trust Google. Therefore, if you choose this option, you will benefit.

earn money after making app

After you have designed your app, people will not know about it, then you will not be able to earn. For this it is necessary that you share your app with as many people as possible. So that its information will reach them. Apart from this, you can earn money through affiliate marketing and referral marketing and also through sponsorship. All you have to do is promote your app in some way. If more people download and use it, then you will earn more.

You can earn a lot of money through digital marketing.

promote the app
You also need to promote the Android app you have created. For this, you can give information to people in the Facebook group. Because many people are involved in this. In this, up to 1 million people are added, so you can give information to so many people at once by putting the link of your app. Apart from this, you can also promote your app using some other social media sites like WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter etc.

Receive money in your bank account after earning
You have earned money because of the advertising network, but now it is the turn how you will get this money. Because whatever our income is, it is on this platform. As if you have used Admob, then whatever income you have earned will come in your account. You have to provide bank account details in your Admob account. Other than that you don’t have to do anything. All the earnings you have earned from your Android app are automatically transferred to your bank account between 21st and 28th of every month.

If you are able to fulfill the needs of the people by creating apps like Flipkart, Paytm, Ola, Swiggy, then the day is not far when you will start earning crores sitting at home. So while making your app, keep in mind that people should like your app.

Q: How to earn money by making app?
Ans: Through advertising network.

Q: How to get money by making app?
Ans: By linking the bank account with your account in the website of the AIDS provider company.

Q: Which is the best AIDS provider company?
Ans: Admob and YouTube AIDS.

Q: How to make app?
Ans: App makers can sign up by visiting the website of the online platform such as

Q: How much do you earn by making an app?
Ans: About 50 thousand to 1 lakh rupees per month.



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