Mass Impact Legendary Version Panel Spawns Superior MaleShep vs. FemShep Battle

To have fun the launch of the Mass Impact Legendary Version, a big portion of the unique trilogy solid reunited for a particular panel together with each voices for Commander Shepard, Joker’s Seth Inexperienced, and so many extra. When Mark Meer, the voice behind Male Shepard, put out a name to followers to edit the Citadel DLC in Mass Impact 3 to have each Sheps battle it out, one fan took to the problem in a reasonably epic manner. Simply be warned, the video has spoilers for one of many best DLCs in gaming historical past, so if you have not performed it but, you may need to flip away now. 

Severely, final likelihood. Spoilers for the Mass Impact 3 Citadel DLC forward. 

Spoiler warning given. Fandom mode activated. Let’s do that. Within the Mass Impact 3 Citadel DLC, there are just a few elements. A completely new space of the Citadel is open, full of bars, casinos, arcades, and a swanky sushi joint. All of it goes to hell, as issues usually do with Shepard, when a band of mercs assault them once they meet up with Joker on the fanciest restaurant on the Citadel. The plot thickens when it’s discovered that the true enemy is … properly, Shepard. Seems, Cerberus constructed a backup clone in case Shep wanted any “spare parts,” and that clone has some points with being second greatest. Earlier than one of the best social gathering ever to hit house arrives, Shepard and their crew should battle to take the Normandy again and show that the galaxy is just sufficiently big for one in every of them.

On fan, YouTuber RangerDelk, took Meer up on his problem and edited the DLC in a manner that MaleShep and FemShep sq. off, giving us the crossover that has solely been out there by way of mods and fewer than SFW fan fiction. The end result? Pure epicness: 

This from the unique trilogy, not the remaster, however is absolutely superior to see the pair battle it out. It seems that this consumer created a video beforehand the place FemShep was the clone, however  Meer requested one other model the place he was the backup organ donor as an alternative, giving Jennifer Hale’s tackle the character time to shine. 

The Mass Impact Legendary Version is out now and has been met with fairly stellar critiques, together with our personal proper right here. For the these wanting a bit of extra remaster goodness of their life, make sure you take a look at our Exclusives hub beneath to see extra from our time chatting with BioWare to dive deep into what the Legendary Version has to supply. You’ll be able to test that out right here in between missions that … you already know, save the galaxy? No stress. 

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